Let us keep Walton Street closed – save the Jericho LTN

We welcome the County Council decision to implement a Low-traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in Jericho with limited funds possibly available from central Government.

Since August 2019, and the unexpected closure of Walton Street, Jericho has been a LTN. The considerable benefits are: greatly reduced traffic, cleaner air, and a safer environment which enables many more pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy Walton Street and Jericho generally. Rat running and associated pollution is over. These benefits have been achieved at minimal expense.

Unfortunately, various lobbyists are now proposing alternative schemes for a Jericho LTN to the Council. These share one common aim: to reopen the southern end of Walton Street to all traffic. For example, The Jericho LTN group (which ironically originally called itself ‘Don’t Choke Jericho’ and supported the closure), proposes an expensive, fussy scheme involving a major re-configuration of the north end of Walton Street, which will in effect be another barrier. And in order to deter rat running their scheme requires physical barriers to be built in several side streets in Jericho, which would literally divide our community in two. This proposal physically favours streets in Walton Manor, not Jericho.

We believe that many Jericho residents would prefer south Walton Street to stay closed to traffic to retain the environmental benefits to us all.

So we are forming the ‘Save Jericho’ LTN group. We propose the replacement of the plastic bollards with a cycle-friendly barrier as in Worcester Street – a simple low-cost measure which could be easily adapted if a zero emissions zone or Jericho bus is introduced. Let this form an enticing gateway to all that Jericho has to offer – whether for shopping, eating, or studying. Let’s build on what has been achieved and Save Jericho.

Save Jericho Low-traffic Neighbourhood Group.


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